Friday, May 7, 2010

John 5:1-9: The Gospel Lectionary Passage for Sunday, May 9, 2010

This is my own translation of the lectionary gospel lesson for Sunday. Please make any comments concerning the passage you want. Together, let's discuss the Word of God:


1After this there was a Jewish festival, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem. 2And there is in Jerusalem, near the place related to sheep, a pool which is called in Hebrew Bethesda, having five colonnades. 3In these were lying a great number who were weak, blind, lame, withered. 5And there was a certain person who, for thirty-eight years, was weak. 6When Jesus saw this person lying and after he knew that it had already been a long time, he said to him, “Do you want to become well?” 7The ill person answered him, “Lord, I don’t have a person [here] so that when the water might be troubled, he might put me into the pool. While I’m going, another goes in before me.” 8Jesus said to him, “Arise, take your litter, and walk.” 9And immediately, the person became well, and he took his litter and walked.

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